About Omicron

Omicron is a hackathon management and consulting venture. We help companies and organizations enter the growing hackathon space to find new markets, acquire talent, and most importantly, test their products. Omicron is currently supporting many organizations, hackathons, and startups.

Our Services

  • Marketing

    We can help expand your company's promotional presence through our events via on-the-ground channels.

  • Recruitment

    Our events are a great place for recruiting new tech & design talent. Hackathons are some of the best places to conduct recruitment!

  • Hosting Hackathons

    Looking to host your own hackathon or online challenge? We have an experienced team that can provide logistical, marketing, and sponsorship support.

  • Product Testing & Developer Feedback

    By providing hackers with APIs, SDKs, free software credits, or hardware, you'll be able to collect a lot of feedback that will greatly improve your product development.

  • Consulting

    We encourage you to take advantage of our hackathons to find creative solutions to your most salient problems. Let us help you integrate hackathons into your innovation process.

Affiliate Events & Organizations

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